ERGs / Lending rights

Lending Rights ERG

The Lending Rights ERG is chaired by Evelyn Woodberry,  a member of the Public Lending Rights Committee.

Under the Public Lending Rights (PLR) and Educational Lending Rights (ELR) Schemes copyright holders including authors and publishers are currently compensated for their printed works which are held in public libraries and educational  libraries . The schemes provide an additional income for authors and are highly valued. While the operation of the schemes is straightforward for printed books, books in digital form have added several new layers of complexity that have made it difficult to directly translate the existing PLR/ELR scheme for printed books to electronic books.

The Lending Rights Expert Reference Group is drawing on the expertise of librarians, authors, agents, government and publishers to identify a set of principles for the delivery of ebooks to libraries which will form the basis of recommendations around lending rights for ebooks. The Group is being informed by significant discussions which are occurring in the international sphere.

Based on recommendations from the Book Industry Strategy Group and the modification process also underway for the Public Lending Right scheme, consideration is also being given to options for inclusion of ebooks in the Public Lending Right scheme.