Interesting reading

Paul Budde has sent through some interesting articles for inclusion on the blog – rather than send them to the links page, we thought we’d alert you to them.


Publishers struggle with an ebook bind – As online eats into physical book sales, printing houses are being forced to rethink their digital strategy while self-published ebook authors are doing whatever it takes to become noticed. From Business Spectator


Cows, calves and codes: e-books and the future of publishing – According to a new OECD report, eBooks: Developments and policy considerations, e-books accounted for only around 1% of book sales in most OECD countries in 2010 , the exceptions being the US at 8% and the UK at 2 or 3%. E-book sales are rising rapidly however: up 29.4% in 2009 and 38.9% in 2010.  From OECD Insights