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Distribution ERG update

[This is a modified version of an update provided to a meeting of the Book Industry Collaborative Council at the end of 2012. The new chair of this ERG is Lou Johnson, the managing director of Simon & Schuster Australia.]

Book distribution was identified as one of the seven key areas for industry reform by the BICC.  The BICC set up the Distribution Expert Reference Group (ERG) to examine distribution issues in depth.

The globalisation of the marketplace and the rise of online book sales coupled with increasing ebook consumption has altered consumer expectations around convenience, expediency and access to physical and digital books. This environment is placing considerable competitive pressure on the Australian industry and improving product access and speed-to-market has become a priority issue.

The Distribution ERG will develop an agreement of best practice between publishers, distributors and booksellers on how to reduce delivery time, minimise cost and improve access to Australian physical and digital books

The Distribution Expert Reference Group is Chaired by Lou Johnson and its membership represents the interests and views of a cross-section of stakeholders, ensuring a diversity of views.