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Skills ERG update

[[This is a modified version of an update provided to a meeting of the Book Industry Collaborative Council at the end of 2012.]

Skill gaps in the book industry were identified as one of the seven key areas for industry reform by the BICC.  The BICC set up the Skills Expert Reference Group (ERG) to examine skills issues in depth.

A widening skills gap is emerging within the supply chain as book creation, production and distribution adapt to emerging digital technologies. It is vital that vocational and tertiary education keep pace with these changes. In order for industry to have access to the necessary skills to operate in a digital environment, industry should ensure that it is well positioned to articulate its own needs,  influence the development of training courses and actively contribute to staff development.

The Skills ERG will develop an agreed strategy for addressing digital skills needs across the book supply chain.

The Skills ERG is Chaired by Sophie Hamley and its membership represents the interests and views of a cross-section of stakeholders, ensuring a diversity of views.