Editorial policy of this site

This website is run by members of the Book Industry Collaborative Council but the creation of its content is not restricted to members of the BICC. We would like to hear from all different sectors of our industry, as we intend for this blog to be a resource of information about what is happening in the industry, the roles different people play within it and the work that is done.

We welcome contributions to this blog from members of the Australian book industry – please read this page for details on how to contribute. The editors of this site reserve the right to not publish any and all contributions.

We have disabled comments on this site, for administrative reasons – we do not have the capacity to moderate comments at this time. If you wish to comment on something you have read on this blog, we encourage you to do so by way of a submission – please read this page for more details. The editors of this site reserve the right to not publish any and all comments.

Editing of content
Content on this site will be reviewed before publication and read for sense, spelling and grammar. Changes to improve sense and correct spelling or grammar will be made if necessary; more substantive changes will not be made without the approval of the creator.